"We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can't solve."  Linda Lingle
"One of the hardest things when a person calls and to tell them we don't have any openings."  
​​Dr. Darryl Whitaker
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Our Mission Statement​
…providing a Christ-centered process by which homeless families move to housing and self-sufficiency with the support of mentoring congregations.
​​Population Served

​It is our desire as an agency to serve the families with children that have found themselves in homeless or marginally homeless situations. Some of these families can be defined as “chronically homeless” as defined by the Housing and Urban Development Agency. All of our families are defined as “categorically homeless.” These families are in need of both housing and supportive services to help overcome the cycle of homelessness. We serve both single-parent and two-parent families.

Our Priorities fall into two categories.
Housing Needs. We are consistently seeking options that provide safe, affordable homes to the families we serve. These include single family homes as well as multiple family homes such as apartment complexes, duplexes, etc. As we look for these properties, we also seek partnerships with groups and or individuals to financially secure these housing options.

​Supportive Housing Services. We collaborate with community resources and partnering church congregations to provide comprehensive supportive services that will promote the whole well-being and success of the family being served.

Services Include:
Case Management
Credit Counseling
Educational Resources
Referrals to other Community Resources​​

Past Performance and Successes​ 8/16
​​Over the past 9 years, Stepping Stones has:
Served 15 families with Support Housing Services
Placed 4 families in affordable housing, 1 family with Habitat for Humanity
Supported 2 individual to complete education through Community College
Provided Job Training to 3 individuals
Network Community Education for 19 Children​​
Provided a car for transportation​

Stepping Stones Ministries of the Triad is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization
​ and can receive donations for a tax deduction.

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