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My name is Michelle. I and my four children are currently participants in the Stepping Stones Ministry for homeless families. We were displaced in October of 2010, and were referred by a homeless shelter that we had previously presided at. Being chosen over other families that obviously deserved such an opportunity as this was and has truly been a blessing from the Lord. Stepping Stones Ministry has really had a huge impact in our lives. The love, help, and support that we have received from them has been more than we could have ever asked for. They have gone beyond their stewardship as Christians. I'm yet to be where I want to and should be as far as self-sufficiency. But Stepping Stones has really been kind, compassionate, and most of all, very patient as I continue to grow and strive for independence. Some of the things that they are teaching and helping me with are starting and maintaining a budget, ways to make my income grow by seeking another job, adding to my education, counseling, etc. Being a single mother, this Ministry and their willingness to help guide and offer me the tools that I may need along the way has made an exceptional change in our lives. One of the requirements of me is to maintain a job. I must say that being homeless changed my life forever. I'm currently in recovery. Shortly after being accepted into the program, I fell into depression and had a relapse. The members were (and still are) very compassionate towards my situation. That being said, I lost a couple of jobs, but was able to attain another job quickly. I'm also required to pay the rent, electric bill, money towards oil for heating cost, and putting money in savings. I must say that it has been hard getting these things done (trying to catch up). But they, Dr. Whitaker, Karen, Todd, and Cyndi have told me that I can do it. I never had such support and belief in me from anyone, outside my family. I've always had goals, I just had a detour in my life, I have no doubt that I am back on the right path due to the help God has sent me in the form of Stepping Stones Ministry. I can't end without telling about one of the best parts about the ministry. due to the kindness of Unity Baptist Church, we have been allowed to live in a beautiful home donated by the church. It has been a real comfort to have somewhere to call home until the next step in our journey. Of the many blessings that God has graciously bestowed upon mine and my children's lives, I can say at this time that the Stepping Stones Ministry and its family is, has, and will always be a continued blessing in years to come.

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What Stepping Stones is to me

If I had not been accepted into Stepping Stones, not only would I probably still be homeless. I would not have learned to try and rein in my bad spending habits and learn to live within my means.

I also would probably be living apart from my family, which pained me greatly I am growing everyday, but realized I still have a lot to learn.

I am thankful to God for Stepping Stones and hope it will also make my walk closer to God and my family.

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